When a loved one has died, Hospice of Jackson County bereavement staff provide guidance, comfort, and support. Help is given to families and individuals by offering ways to cope and navigate their grief journey. It is important that we allow ourselves and others to grieve, remembering that each one of us grieves differently. But, grieve, we must! Some emotions we may experience during grief include sadness, anger, guilt, helplessness, and loneliness. People may need reassurance that these are normal, though painful, feelings.

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The following services and resources are made available to anyone working through the grief associated with the death of a loved one.  Services are provided to you at no cost, regardless of hospice involvement.

Periodic Mailing Offering*
Sensitive and informative mailings that offer supportive grief care and education are sent throughout the year after the death of a loved one.  These can help in dispelling myths and arming you with appropriate information and expectations surrounding grief work.

‘Healing Haven’ Grief Support Group*                                                                                                                                            Healing Haven is offered as a six-week series of group sessions, meeting weekly at 4PM in our Hospice of Jackson County Conference Room.  Ten Essential Touchstones by Alan Wolfeldt  is used as our resource as we explore the grief journey.  In your own time, at your own pace, in your own way…set your intention to heal and reconcile your loss.  Call our office for questions and/or to ask about scheduled dates.

Individual Grief Counseling*
Hospice of Jackson County bereavement grief counselor is available for persons choosing to receive individual counseling services.  This can be done in your home or in our office at 611 W Quarry Street, Maquoketa.  People who are grieving often need to talk, and may need information about what is normal.

Bereavement Volunteers
Our volunteers are trained to assist family members by providing support and help during the first year of bereavement by both visits and telephone calls.

Children’s Grief Support Services*
Hospice of Jackson County has in place a children’s grief services program which includes a children’s newsletter, a “Parent Pak”, (an informative packet for parents/caregivers), a lending library and a special Memorial Service balloon launch.

Memorial Service*
Hospice of Jackson County staff and patient families come together to remember and honor the memory of loved ones who have died during the past year.

Lending Library*
Hospice of Jackson County maintains a library of both adult and children’s books which can be borrowed by contacting the Bereavement Coordinator/Counselor at the hospice office.

Grief Education*
We believe that knowing more will help you cope better with the painful, but necessary, process of grieving over the death of someone you love.  By dispelling myths and arming you with appropriate information and expectations surrounding grief work, we can help you navigate your grief journey.  Our licensed and certified bereavement staff is available, not only for individual counseling and visits with our clients and their families, but also for public education and presentations at church groups, social groups and clubs, and school classes.

If you would like to schedule a speaker for your organization or group on the topic of bereavement contact our office by mail or phone.

*These services are offered to anyone in the community regardless of prior use of hospice services.  To learn more or to participate, please call our Hospice of Jackson County office number at 563-652-0123.