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What is Hospice?

“For many who have not seen hospice in action, it has become a common misconception that hospice patients are merely lying in bed, waiting for their end to come. For families who have experienced hospice, they see the focus is not on dying – it is about living as fully as possible. Hospice not only provides the highest quality care, it affords more moments, memories and opportunities.” (NHPCO, 2014)

We Guide, Inform and Enable families and patients to make the most of the time they have.  Hospice is patient-directed care that works to ensure you have the support and care you require to live as fully as possible – every day.

Hospice provides comfort care to people with life-limiting conditions and support to their loved ones. Hospice care is holistic – encompassing mind, body, and spirit – promoting and improving quality of life.

Not all hospices are created equally ~ Hospice of Jackson County was created for you…

Not all Hospice Providers are the same – the quality of your care and value of your time left can vary depending on the Hospice Provider you choose.  Hospice of Jackson County was founded with the desire to provide quality care and support that surpasses expectations.

You have the right to choose your Hospice Provider and change providers if you do not feel your needs are being met. 

Hospice is not one big organization, but many small independent ones. 

You have the right to choose the best care team possible.

Ask for Hospice of Jackson County.

Our Purpose: We at Hospice of Jackson County are committed to providing high quality, compassionate end-of-life care.

What We Provide: Our team includes:

  • Physicians to consult on patient cares
  • Nurses to assess changes in condition and implement effective treatments
  • Home Health Aides to assist with personal cares and light housework
  • Chaplains to support spiritual health
  • Social Workers to identify community resources for patient and family
  • Massage / Complementary Therapists to provide additional relaxation and comfort
  • Pet Therapist to brighten a day
  • Grief Therapist to provide support during and after the journey
  • Pharmacists to consult on medication management
  • Volunteers to visit per patient or family needs

We work closely with your personal physicians and primary caregivers to deliver the best possible care, specialized to meet you and your family’s changing needs.

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